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short calendar spread risk profit
Benefits and Risks of the Short Calendar Spread Options Strategy
If you’re looking for advanced options strategy ideas, the short calendar spread might catch your interest. This is a trade that combines selling a…
comparison classic covered call and synthetic covered call
Building a Synthetic Covered Call Strategy – What You Need to Know
Options trading can give investors unique opportunities to manage risk and achieve growth. The synthetic covered call is a strategy that combines the benefits…
upper break backtest result
A Backtested Approach to Using Bollinger Bands in Options Trading – Part 2
Following the results we showed in the first part of our series on Bollinger bands, let us show you through real-life examples how you…
the most successful options traders
A Historical Look at the Most Successful Options Traders
Reading about how the most successful options traders, like Edward Thorp, with his unmatched 20% annual return over three decades, have interpreted the markets…
PMCC vs covered call
Poor Man’s Covered Call – A Smart Choice for Neutral to Bullish Investors
Sometimes trading can require a high capital amount, so it is not surprising that the poor man’s covered call strategy has collected quite some…
What Is (and How to Use) the Batman Option Strategy?
The batman option strategy is basically a marketing name for the combination of two vertical ratio spreads (four legs with two positions each—both short…
an example of bollinger band analysis
A Backtested Approach to Using Bollinger Bands in Options Trading – Part 1
All traders know that, in general, a few rules will hold true no matter what the market climate is. For instance, stocks move in…
long and short calendar spreads
Playing with Expiration Dates – A Guide to Calendar Spread Options
While most options strategies feature contracts with the same expiration date, calendar spread options let you “play” with the time concept. This strategy –…
extrinsic value of options formulas
A Simple Explanation of Extrinsic Value in Options
You often hear that the value of an option tends to decay with time, but why does this happen? To understand the concept, you…

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