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These posts discuss how to profit from market mechanics and help you to get the most out of our program. We have a greatknowledge base that you should check and can improve your understanding of Samurai and trading.

Multi-Sorting Option Samurai

Multi-column sorting

[We have improved the usage of this feature based on your feedback. Here is the updated article:] We’ve just launched the Multi-column …


Creating an optimum vertical spread

Update: This article describes what vertical spreads are, considerations on how to build optimal spreads, data points to take into considerations, how to …

ZM Weekly
TLRY Covered Call
TLRY Weekly chart

Stock Score Analysis

When trading options, we often focus on option specific data points such as IV, time decay, volatility, the Greeks, etc. These are …

Buy Cheap calls
Results for top IC with more than 5 ATR range

Using ATR when trading options

Recently many users have shared stories with me about successes they had with our ‘buy cheap calls’ pre-defined report. This report is …