Public Trade Log – More than 100 trades Special update!

As you might know by now – we are traders ourselves, and we built SamurAI as we felt the tools out there are not satisfying for our needs. We use our scanner daily and constantly  share some of the actual trades we make with our subscribers. All trades we share are found with the scanner. Follow us on Stocktwits or join the newsletter to be kept in the loop.

We keep a public trade log where everyone has access and can see the trades we preformed, and more important – their outcome.


Though the log updates constantly, form time to time we also share with our readers a summary giving  better insights on out trading methods. As the first quarter of 2018 is approaching its end, we thought its a good opportunity to give you a short recap of the last moths.

First, let’s see the current stats:


The currently trade log has 102 trades, with 83% winners, and 32% average profit. The average loss is higher, at 41%, but due to our high win probability the expected value is positive and is around 20%.

Some of our recent trades:

  • Selling Iron condor on UPS gave 106% profit on the risk (held for about 3 weeks to 2153% annualized return)
  • We called the short in KODK after the Block-chain jump and gained 43.9% on risk (translated to almost 700% annualized return)
$KODK Play
$KODK Play
  • Sold puts on GE (twice) and earned 2.8% and 1.8% on a low risk-high probability trade.
  • Sold put spread on $WB and earned 4 times the risked amount (held for 2 weeks).
  • And many more.
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