Public Trade Log Update

We are traders ourselves, and we share our views from time to time with our subscribers. We also use our social network accounts to share trade ideas publicly, and we maintain a public trade log to keep track on our winners and losers.

It’s been a while since we wrote about the trade log. We recently got more questions about it and decided to write a quick introduction for new users.

We use Option Samurai to find the best options trade ideas in the market. We save different scans and then visit them daily (we scan directly from the dashboard).  We often share trades with clients that speak with us, and everyone can follow us on Stocktwits, Twitter and our blog and read our public trade ideas.

Also – Anyone can see our trade here


Trade Log Stat Summary
Trade Log Stat Summary


The trade log has currently 74 trades, with 85% winners.

Some of our recent trades:

  • Selling put on MU (Micron Technology) with 3.6% profit (118% annualized)
  • Long call on F (Ford) with profit of 45.8% (1 day holding time)
  • Naked put sell on WDC (Western Digital) for profit of 2.3% (36.2% annualized)
  • and more
  • Check the full trade log

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