December 2020 Version is out!

December Launch

We’re thrilled to announce that the December version is now online for everyone to use. We have continued to improve the features we released in the past versions and laid the groundwork for new versions coming soon.

In this version, we launched:

  • Fixed Header and column
  • Improvements for the new All-Scans page
  • Today’s Profit and loss for the Analyse tab
  • Added three new universes
  • Bug fixes, usability and performance improvements 

Fixed Header and 1st Column

Fixed header and column
Fixed header and column

We have updated our results table, and now the first row and column will be fixed to the top of the screen, so you’ll be able to see the data labels while exploring the results. This feature is very convenient for smaller screens such as tablets and mobile phones.

Improvements for the new All scans page

All Scans Improvements

We’ve added a refresh button for the results and improved the tags component to better search using the predefined scans.

Profit and Loss graph for trades

New Analyse Chart

When you click on the row in the table, you’ll see the analyze tab with a PL chart with the Profit at expiration (yellow line) and Profit today (green line). When you hover over the chart, you will see the different values.

Added three universes

We’ve added three new universes comprised out of ETFs to help you get started with universes. You can read more about them in our knowledgebase

Bug fixes, usability and performance improvements

We fixed bugs and improved some data points such as the earnings data and standard deviation, improved strategy calculation such as Iron Condor, and more.

The new version is live now. Go to Option Samurai and try it out now.

Go to Option Samurai

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