November 2020 Version launch!

New features!

We are so happy to announce the new version we launched this month. This version is the result of listening to your feedback and will allow us to provide even more relevant features in the coming months.

In this version, we launched:

  • A new design for the Dashboard (now ‘All scans’)
  • New details pane (now ‘Analyze’)
  • Multi-column sorting 
  • Improved predefined scans
  • Bug fixes, usability and performance improvements 

New design for Dashboard (now All Scans)

All Scans new layout
All Scans new layout

We learned from you, our users, that you regularly use the All scans window. Whether it is for checking your scans on the go (mobile), looking for trade ideas using our predefined scans, or automating your trading with your scans – You use this window often and a lot. 

This is why we improved it to allow for more control and more information to be visible on that window. Your scans are now on the left, and clicking on a scan will open the right pane results. You can analyze the trade by clicking anywhere on the row. 

We also improved the mobile usability of the window.

New details page – Analyze

New Analyze tab
New Analyze tab

To improve your workflow, we improved our details page and increased its size. We also plan on doubling down on the analysis tab to allow you to have many more features and abilities.

Clicking on a row will open a pane on the bottom of the page with the trade you are analyzing. We now also support switching between many trades instantly, so that you can analyze all the results quickly.

We plan more features in this part of the workflow, so stay tuned :-)

Multi-column sorting

The multi-column sorting feature will allow you to sort by two columns and find optimal trades faster.

It is used best when you first sort by stock data (such as IV rank, stock score, total options volume, etc.) and then by option data (such as maximum return, min risk, best profit ratio, etc.). There are many use-cases for this feature, and we invite you to read more about it here: blog post.

Improved predefined scans

We took the opportunity and the new features we deployed (stock score, multi-sorting, etc.) and improved our predefined scans. We invite you to check them out. And feel free to contact us if you need more help.

Bug fixes, usability and performance improvements

We improved some scans and workflows’ performance and added some support and help for the IV column, scenario engine, watchlists, and more.

The new version is live now. Go to Option Samurai and try it out now.

Go to Option Samurai

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