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Here you can read about trades I take in the stock market. I usually trade options to collect income and I hedge them with long options when I see an opportunity. Most of my trades are on twitter thought so check them out here: @OptionSamurai These are NOT Investment advice and you should do your own due diligence before trading.

Results of trading with ATR vs BE point

The edge of trading with ATR

One of Option Samurai’s unique features is the ability to scan Average True Range vs BreakEven point (ATR vs BE). Average True …

Scaning for Leap Options

Trading Leap options – Part 1

Options have inherited strengths compared with vanilla stock positions, and it’s important to play to those strengths and try to minimize exposure to …

WFC - Model Summery - OptionSamurai
WFC - Warrant model - OptionSamurai
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Long WFC warrants (WFC-WT)

This is a long thesis for WFC TARP warrants. Wells Fargo bank ($WFC) is one of the best banks trading in the US. …

$DD Trade - option Samurai

Unusual Option trade on $DD

On Jan 7th I noted that a trader has traded an unusual large amount of call options on $DD. That unusual option …