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Here you can read about trades I take in the stock market. I usually trade options to collect income and I hedge them with long options when I see an opportunity. Most of my trades are on twitter thought so check them out here: @OptionSamurai These are NOT Investment advice and you should do your own due diligence before trading.

Public trade log stats

Public Trade Log

If you  follow us on Stocktwits and Twitter, you know that we tend to share market commentary and live trades on the feed. …

Distribution of monthly returns
Naked put results during different market states
Naked Put + T Bills

The Edge of Selling Puts

This is the third installment in our series into the edge of selling options. You can see the previous two parts here …

Results of trading with ATR vs BE point

The edge of trading with ATR

One of Option Samurai’s unique features is the ability to scan Average True Range vs BreakEven point (ATR vs BE). Average True …