Options data in Excel & Google Sheets

Options data in Excel & Google Sheets


Excel is a powerful tool that allows you to build custom workflows and advanced analytics to generate an edge in the markets. However, maintaining the excel sheets and keeping the data up-to-date can be challenging. Especially when dealing with options, the fragmentation and change of the underlying vs. the options can make building an automatic Excel sheet very hard. Not anymore. 

With the new Option Samurai Excel Plugin, you can create anything you can dream of, and our plugin will keep the data up to date and even provide you with advanced analytics and templates to help you stay ahead in the markets.

Options Data in Excel

Option Samurai Excel plugin allows you to import data directly to your sheet based on formulas, so updating a few cells or dates will result in an up-to-date model that is updated with live data (delayed). 

We support stocks data such as: Ratios, balance sheet data, prices, earnings dates, etc. We also support stock Options data in Excel such as: Implied volatility, greeks, prices, IV percentile, and more.

Stock Options Excel plugin

After installing the plugin, you just call the formula, and in the parenthesis, you specify the ticker and the data fields you wish to import. That’s it. Every time you update the sheet, we will import the most updated data.

To make it easier, you can also refer to the formula to a cell, and thus the excel model you’ve built will update to different tickers (or different data points). We also created a help pane on the left side of the Excel to help you create formulas and guide you on the correct way to use them.

Read more about the Option Samurai plugin here.

Why import options data to Excel?

Our data – Your workflow.

As we mentioned initially, Excel is a powerful and versatile tool that allows you to build custom models to fit your workflow and customize to your needs. However, maintaining the model can take time. This is solved with our plugin. 

Additionally, the plugin offers automation capabilities to build custom tools to support you in specific use-cases that other platforms don’t (we plan to add examples in the coming months).

For example, you can build a stock analysis model and use options data for comparing different risk-reward trades based on that model. The model will be updated every time you refresh, so the options strikes, expiration, greeks, and profit/loss calculations will be updated with the current data. Furthermore, suppose you refer to a cell in all formulas. In that case, you can change the ticker in that cell, so the model will transform into a work tool where you can quickly analyze different stocks to find trading opportunities (we will add a template for premium users in the coming months).

Use Cases

The plugin is very powerful and will allow you to build anything you can imagine. This is very useful for mixing and matching different systems to create a tailored process for you. Some examples you can make are:

Options calculator Excel:

You can use the Options plugin to import live options data (including greeks) and calculate updated profit and loss of different options and strikes according to different scenarios.

Stocks and options analysis Excel:

You can import the most recent stock data to calculate the ‘fair value’ for the stock. You can also import the analyst target for that stock to see how you compare it to Wall St. estimates. After you have the target prices, you can import the options prices to compare different trades and find the best risk-reward trades. For example, compare buying stock, buying ITM call, buying call spread, and buying several OTM calls.

Trade log:

Maintaining a trade log is crucial to improving your trading over time. With the Option Samurai Plugin, you can import data to augment your trade log and keep a bird’s-eye view of your portfolio. For example, you can add theta or premium to see when to close the trade early or earnings date to alert you of upcoming events.


You can build a quick and easy watchlist in Excel and use the built-in functions to sort and filter it when needed. In addition, Excel is very versatile and common, so you can build the Excel with the data you want (imported and updated automatically by our plugin) and integrate it with many different brokers and platforms as Excel is commonly used.

There are many more use-cases, and you can build anything you can imagine. We will publish more examples in the coming months, so stay tuned.


Excel is a potent tool. It allows you to build a customizable workflow and tailor it to your needs. With our plugin, you can automate these workflows and import options and stock data directly to your sheets, and create custom tools to sharpen your edge in the market.

Go to Option Samurai and download the Excel Plugin from the settings tab. 

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