February 2022 Version – Google Sheets integration

February 2022 Version – Google Sheets integration

February 2022 version Google Sheets integration

We are happy to announce the February version of Samurai! We’ve continued to improve Samruai and the Excel integration in this version.

The features added:

  1. Google Sheets support (See here)
  2. Improved slider control for probability filters
  3. Added an ability to open trades in new tabs (allows to compare different trades from the scanner)
  4. Bugs and improvements in the excel integration and app.

Google Sheets support

Google Sheets Option Samurai Integration

We continue to improve the app and support custom workflows with Samurai data. For example, with Google Sheets support, you can build custom reports, formulas, trade-logs, watchlists, etc. 

The possibilities are endless (and we will publish examples in the future), and even better – they will work cross-platforms (PCs, mobiles, etc.) out of the box.

Check out our help articles, and you can install it here.

Improved slider for probabilities filters

The probability filters allow you to control the probability of profit or loss of the trades you are looking for. In multi-leg strategies, like Iron condor – they can be an easy way to control the legs of the scan. The improved filter allows you greater control and lets you see more relevant results.

Open trades in new tabs

Open trades in new tabs

If you want to compare different trades quickly and add several trades from the same scan to the trade log, you can now open trades in new tabs. This improvement will save you time dealing with many trades in the same scan.


The version is now live and available to use. Feel free to contact us with feedback and suggestions.

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