March 2021 Version is out!

New features!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new version for March 2021. In this version, we’ve added two new strategies, new predefined scans, deployed bug fixes, and more. 

Main improvements include:

  • Call and Put Butterfly strategy (Beta)
  • New Predefined scans
  • Improved the strategy selector
  • Bug fixes
  • We are looking for testers for our new trade log features that are coming soon. Please reach out to us if you are interested. Read more below.

Call / Put Butterfly strategy

Options Butterfly

These strategies use the call or put options to create an options structure that yields high profits if correct and marginal losses if you’re wrong. Usually, you use OTM options for these strategies. They are built by buying one option, selling two OTM options, and buying another further OTM option. This yields a limited loss but a high return strategy.

These scans are really advanced, and we check all available combinations and pick the optimal one. You can force the butterfly to be balanced or broken wing to fit your profit/loss outlook. 

New predefined scans

We’ve added new scans for the Iron butterfly and long call strategies. The new scans will help you get started and give you new ideas to trade and scan the market. Some of the scans added are:

  • Calls that will explode in value if stock arrives at the analysts’ target price. 
  • Bearish broken-wing Iron Butterflies – broken wing butterflies that will profit if the stocks will fall.
  • Bullish broken-wing Iron Butterflies – broken wing butterflies that will profit if the stocks will rise.

Improved the strategy selector

New stratregy selector

We’ve added many strategies and plan to add more, so we have adapted the strategy selector and made it easier to use in the desktop version.

Bug fixes

We fixed various bugs and made general improvements to the platform based on your feedback.

Trade log is coming soon.

Trade Log
Trade Log Coming soon

We are working hard to launch a trade log section on our site. The trade log will allow you to:

  • Add trades from our scanner and see how they develop over time.
  • Improve your trading by seeing statistics on your past trades.
  • Learn new strategies by paper trading different strategies.
  • Get notifications on how to manage open trades (rolling, close, etc.) – coming later this year.
  • And much more.

We are looking for alpha testers to test this section before we are releasing it to everyone. If you are interested – please reach out to us in our in-app chat or email.

The version is live now. Feel free to log in and try it.

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