Bullish trade Due to Ebola scare (RCL)

With recent market sell off and Ebola scares, Shares of CCL (Carnival Corporation) and RCL (Royal Caribbean Cruises) are getting hammered – losing 13%-14% in about two weeks.


Both Stocks reached a support area and I believe that the Ebola effect on those companies will not be as massive as market believes.This is why I’m looking to put a bullish trade on one of those stocks.  Here is a quick summery of two possible positions:

CCL & RCL Trades
CCL & RCL Trades


Out of the two – I’m putting a Naked put trade on RCL due to better fundamentals. The trade should expire before the earning date on Oct-20. Click here for the trade analysis.

I’m Taking a position on only one of those stocks due to the current sell off. Though I’m still bullish, I want to see that the market finds support before taking regular size positions again.


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