Bullish trade Due to Ebola scare (RCL)

Bullish trade Due to Ebola scare (RCL)

With recent market sell off and Ebola scares, Shares of CCL (Carnival Corporation) and RCL (Royal Caribbean Cruises) are getting hammered – losing 13%-14% in about two weeks.


Both Stocks reached a support area and I believe that the Ebola effect on those companies will not be as massive as market believes.This is why I’m looking to put a bullish trade on one of those stocks.  Here is a quick summery of two possible positions:

CCL & RCL Trades
CCL & RCL Trades


Out of the two – I’m putting a Naked put trade on RCL due to better fundamentals. The trade should expire before the earning date on Oct-20.

I’m Taking a position on only one of those stocks due to the current sell off. Though I’m still bullish, I want to see that the market finds support before taking regular size positions again.


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