Microsoft discontinues Stockscouter rating

**Update: MSN removed completely stockscouter rating from their site. I’ve written an update with 5 free replacements you can try **


Many investors used MSN stockscouter rating in order to find new investment idea. I myself liked to check my investment ideas in the rating system, just to be sure I didn’t miss something important. Even though I usually use Yahoo Finance.

Investors who visited MSN lately saw that the site got re-designed. One of the changes was the discontinuing of the rating system. Looks like even Verus, the company behind the system, were caught by surprise by the sudden change. Apparently they are looking for a “new home” for the rating system.

RIP stockscouter rating
RIP stockscouter rating


It does look a little weird that MSN failed to mention anything about the recent change. I am for anything that helps make investing easier for the common people, And Stockscouter rating was one of those things.  Though i have my own tools and rating system, i hope Stockscouter will find a new home.



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