Getting Started Quick Guide

Option Samurai is an option product designed to provide you with automatic and tailored trade ideas. We believe that ‘less is more’ so we try to provide just the information you need, and not to ‘over-load’ you with information that you’ll end up not using.

This guide is designed to give you a quick overview of the tool and how to use it. Please visit the tutorial portal to see more details.

Option Samurai Orientation
Option Samurai Orientation

Option Samurai Orientation:

In the main page, there are 4 main sections:

  1. Top menu – Allows you to change the strategy and access the one click scanners. you can learn here a little more about the pre-defined screens.
  2. Filters – Allows you to filter the results to better find the trades you are looking for. Press the Advance or Samurai levels to find more trades. Read here to learn about the filters and here to learn how to save and load custom screens.
  3. Market sentiment – This widget analyses the market trend (bullish or bearish) and the market volatility. It helps you decide what options strategies to use. Read more here.
  4. Results table – Here you can read and compare the different trades. From the table you can see the strategy P/L, See the stock chart and see a trade check list. Read here more.


Getting started quickly:

Option Samurai is an intuitive tool. You’ll be able to find more advance feature the more you use the tool, but to get you started – here are some features you should try:

1. Pre defined screens:

One Click

Click on the predefined screens to start analyzing potential trades in seconds. you can further customize them after that so you’ll find the best trades for you.

2. Scan you’re own list:

OptionSamurai - Scan from List
OptionSamurai – Scan from List

You can copy-paste your favorite lists into option samurai and find trade ideas on them.

3. Analyse trades further:

After you’ve found a trade you are interested in, you can analyse it further from the table (see above picture).

4. Implied Volatility percentile (Rank)

Implied volatility is a measure to estimate if an option is expensive or cheap. How ever it is hard to compare IV and to get actionable ideas from the raw numbers. This is why we rank and standardize them so they will always be between 0-100. We backtested these number and know that there is an edge to use them as contrarian signals. Read about the edge of IV rank, what it is and all the posts about it to learn more.


Further reading:

You can sign up for Option Samurai for free and try it out. Feel free to contact us with any question.

You can read more here to see all the tutorials about option Samurai.

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