Be an Option Samurai

Use this tutorial to better your options trading skills and better understand the screener and features. All links are opened in new windows.

Getting Started Quick Guide

Quick Start guide


Sharpen your Skills

  1. Implied Volatility Rank – The most important element [Education] – Read more here
  2. Be more successful when buying options [Education] – Read more here
  3. The edge of selling options [Education] – Read more here
  4. Profiting from dividends with options [Education] – Read more here
  5. How to profit when trading earnings announcements [Education] – Read more here

How to Use Option Samurai

  1. How to use the pre-defined screens – Read more here
  2. How to scan from your customize list of symbols- Read more here
  3. How To find dividend capture opportunities – Read more here
  4. When to exercise options early – Read more here
  5. Save your own scans and use them again in one click – Read more here
  6. After finding potential results – Analyse & research them further – Read more here.
  7. Expand results – Read more here
  8. Trade highlights (checklist) – Read more here
  9. Probability scanner – Read more here
  10. All posts with ‘tutorial’ tag – Read more here

Understanding the Scanners, Terminology and Features:

  1. How to read the table header: Read more here
  2. Understanding the options scanners: Read more here
  3. How to read the market widget: Read more here (deprecated)

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