Option Samurai is constantly working to make the best tools for individual investors.   Our goal is to make you more awesome. That’s not just make you money, but also give you a better experience, and get you the best tools – wherever you are and whatever technology you use.

We are lucky to be integrated with such awesome partners. We believe that our integration creates added value: 1+1 = 3.

Click on a partner to get more information:


we are integrated as an add-on in the award winning software from eSignal. click on the picture for more details:

OptionSamurai + eSignal integration
OptionSamurai + eSignal integration


Chart Your Trade is an amazing site that provides traders with free and paid services to help them be more profitable – Using the CAN SLIM method. We built automation tools to allow users to find better trade ideas themselves and generate higher profits (The app is available on mobile and web). click on the picture for more details:

OptionSamurai – integration
OptionSamurai – integration

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