October 2020 Version is out

October has started, and we are so happy to announce our new version. In this version, we improved some of our features, and we have launched a significant feature that will help us automate and improve your trading. 


Create a Scan Universe
Create a Scan Universe

This feature will allow you to control the scanned universe. It is a major feature for automation as you can define a list of symbols separately from the scan, and once you update the list – all scans will be updated as well.


  • Watchlist – The primary use case is to define your watchlist and create scans to use that watchlist. Once you update this list – all scans will be updated as well.
  • Themed lists – If there are stocks you like according to a theme (for example, SaaS companies) – you can create a list and use it in all your scans.
  • Automatic lists: We created some automated lists to help you better define your scanned and investable universe and help you find trades.

We are continuing to create automatic lists, and you will see them appear in your menu throughout the month and after that. The lists we created are:

  1. Index constitutes – Stocks that are part of the S&P 500 index, Nasdaq 100 index, and Jow Jones 30.
  2. Dividend Aristocrats – Stocks that distributed an increasing amount of dividends each year in the past 25 years.
  3. More lists coming soon – We will add more automatic lists such as Gainers/losers, ETF constitutes, and more in the coming weeks.

Read more about how to use it in our Knowledgebase.


Breakeven point for all strategies

We have added the breakeven point to all strategies, so you’ll be able to incorporate it into your scans. Tip: This is a handy data point, but especially for spreads. For example, you can scan for debit spreads with a high-profit ratio and a breakeven point lower than 0 (meaning will be profitable if the stock doesn’t move by expiration). 


Bid/Ask Level for all strategies

This is a feature we incorporated earlier last month – It allows you to control the options prices used in each scan. This way, you can simulate more realistic prices when you can. Read more in our Knowledgebase.


New Earnings data provider

We have improved our earnings data by adding another provider. Now we have much more information, and we use the two providers to increase our data accuracy.


Bug fixes, improvements, and backend infrastructure for backtests

We have continued to improve our past features and our backend to provide foundations for the coming features. We published an article with an IV backtest, and we plan more articles and features based on it coming soon.

IV rank vs Future IV (SPY QQQ IWM)
IV rank vs Future IV

We thank you for your feedback. Please keep sending us your requests. Go to Option Samruai to start using the new versions today: 

Go to Option Samurai

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