New Feature: Expand results

Every time you scan on Option Samurai we scan through 10 data sources and more than 1 million options to find the best trades for you. After we find the relevant results, we group them per symbol and deliver the best trade per symbol. This saves you time by showing you just what you need – nothing more nor nothing less.

However, Sometimes you want to customize the trade a bit to better suit your portfolio. Our new features allows you to expand the results and analyse the different trades. After finding the trade you are looking for you can trade it via the actions buttons.

Expand results
Expand results

Expand the results:

  1. To expand the results hover above the line you want to expand and see the mouse cursor change to magnifying glass.
  2. click on the line. That line will expand to display more results.
  3. Click on the analyse or trade buttons to further analyse or trade the different option.
Trade or analyse the resutls
Trade or analyse the results


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