Implied volatility drop after earnings

Many traders ask themselves how much the Implied volatility drop after earnings. Since earning release are very volatile – We can see an increase of IV in the month(s) leading up to those dates. After the earnings release the certainty increases and Implied volatility drop.

The question is how much the implied volatility drops?

The guys at Tasty trades did a test for the 4 last earning releases on 27 liquid stocks that they trade. Overall, 103 occurrences. They find that:

  • 98% of the occurrences the volatility dropped right after earning
  • The average drop was -44%

    IV drop - after earnings
    IV drop – after earnings

The following chart displays the average drop per stock, and how liquid the stock is (measured by a 10-day moving average of option volume. ) The chart is colored and sorted from largest decline to the smallest decline:

IV drop after earning on specific stocks
IV drop after earning on specific stocks


Though the connection is weak, we can see a connection between option liquidity (contracts traded) and the implied volatility drop after earnings:

Connection between liquidity and IV drop after earnings
The connection between liquidity and IV drop after earnings

In conclusion: 

Implied volatility crushes after the earnings release. This occurs because: (1) The IV have risen ahead of earnings and (2) cause there is less uncertainty in the pricing.

It is usually extremely hard to profit from this, unless you have a directional bias, And I will expand about this subject in the future.

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  1. I’ve used Calls just for continence – you can search for puts and credit or debit strategies – The idea is the same.
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  3. From the “earnings date” filter choose – “before expiration”. Now you will see only trades that have earning releases before expiration.
  4. You can also scan according to Implied volatility rank to limit results further and save time.

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(Originally published on Jan 2105, and updated since)

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