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Option Samurai started as a passion project. After working as traders for several years in the options market (our trade log is publicly open) we saw that although it is a lucrative field, many people are reluctant to join in. As part of our company’s mission statement to democratize options, we’re planning on changing this, and this blog is another step to achieving this goal.

But to put it fairly, we can’t blame those who stay away from options. Trading options requires a great deal of knowledge and understating of complex strategies as well as juggling between several indicators. But we are not here to rain on your parade. On the contrary, we want you to take a leap of faith (in yourself and us) and dive into option trading. That is why we created this blog as clear and accessible as possible. We designed the blog for novice, experienced,  and pros so everyone can hopefully gain substantial knowledge. Each reader can find the articles, guides and research that suites him best.

What’s in the blog

Our posts are divided into 3 different sections:

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