How to use Pre-Defined Screens

One of our coolest features is the pre-defined screen. Every strategy has several pre-defined screens to help you start using the app as soon as possible.

PreDefined Screens
Pre-Defined Screens

The pre-defined screens are set off rules that we gathered from experienced traders, that screen the market according to a specific method. Using the screens allows you to find trade candidates faster, or provide a good start for your own research by customizing the screen further. Some of our screens are:

  • Dividend capture – Helps you find trades that distribute dividend before expiration, so earn both option premium and dividend (You can see some of the results in our weekly segment)
  • Max loss $100 – Possible trades that the maximum loss in the trade is up to $100. This is great for diversification of the portfolio.
  • Safe screen – Helps to find trades that have high probability of profit.
  • ATR screen – Finds trade that the average volatility is much larger than the BE point – increasing the chance for profit.
  • and much more.

How to use pre-defiend screens

To access the pre-defined screens just press on the button on the top right  of the page. Like so:

predefined screens
pre-defined screens


If you have suggestions for more pre-defiend screens, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will try to add them.

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