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Chart your trade is a website dedicated to make individual investors more successful, using the CAN SLIM method. The site offers a lot of educational material, market commentary, stocks to watch and a community forum.

The guys behind CYT (Mike and Gerik) have gained a lot of insight during the 3+ years they ran the site, and today (March 24th on 20:00 EST) They will launch a redesign of the site – Intended to make the users even more successful. New look New look

The main features of the new site:

  1. Market commentary for the coming week.
  2. Stock watchlist to help you find the best trades.
  3. Educational material
  4. MRI Scanner (Market Research Intelligence) Unique stock screener to help you find the best trades yourself.
  5. position size calculator
  6. Community forums


MRI Scanner

We worked with CYT to create the new MRI scanner. The scanner helps traders to find the best trades in one click, effectively saving hours or market research every time.

MRI Scanner
MRI Scanner

How does it work?

  • We take fundamental and technical data for all stocks and scan the market in 8 different scanners. Each scanner is looking for a unique edge such as: High EPS growth, strong momentum, mutual funds interests etc.
  • After compiling all the stocks that pass one or more of these scanners, we scan them again, This time for criteria making an “ideal growth stock”, such as: distance from 52 weeks high, volume, EPS and sales growth etc. (over all 17 tests).
  • The unique point in the “ideal screen” is that stock doesn’t have to pass 100% of that screen. We can analyse stocks that pass this screen by 90% or 70% and still find amazing trade opportunities.

MRI features:

  • Scan the whole market (twice) to find the best trades.
  • Industry rotation report – allow you to focus on the best industry to trade.
  • New High – New Low report to analyse market breadth.
  • Responsive – Fits PCs, tablets and smartphones.
  • Hover above a ticker to see chart for that ticker.


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