September 2020 version has just launched

We are on a roll, and it is time to release another version with significant updates. We are so excited, so we decided to launch a few days earlier :-). This version focuses on giving you more control on the stock fundamental and technical to help you find trades that have a more significant edge and help you time your trades better. Here are the main features released this version:

Stock Score

We have launched the biggest improvement in our stock core yet. Out stock score is a proprietary system that grades stocks from 1 (worse) to 10 (best). It is designed to give you an edge by analyzing the company’s fundamentals and setting a score accordingly. We also broke down the score into three components to better adjust it to different scenarios. Go to our options scanner to try it out read more about it in our knowledgebase article.

Technical analysis engine

SPY SMA 200 percentile

Technical analysis is instrumental in timing positions and setting position size and risk. We have created a flexible engine that allows you to customize the indicators based on live data to fit your trading strategy better. We’ve also built an advanced filtering system to allow you to filter for zone, cross, breadth (for example, how long the stock is oversold).

We added five indicators (and let us know if you need more):

  1. RSI – Relative Strength indicator – Trend and mean revision indicator.
  2. MACD – Moving Average Convergence Divergence – Trend following indicator.
  3. Bollinger bands – Volatility indicator
  4. Stochastics – Mean Revision indicator
  5. MA – Moving averages – Trend following indicators. 

Please read about it in our knowledge base (Technical analysis article).

Knowledgebase update

In the last month, we have added dozens of articles to our knowledgebase, and we continue to add more. The knowledgebase is available on, and it is integrated into the chat icon. See gif:

KB in chat

Bugs, improvements, and fixes

We have improved some of our default settings for strategies and filters and fixed some more bugs.

That is for this month. We are working hard on our next features – more data to the strategies, watchlist, alerts, and more. We will keep you updated on our progress. The features described above are live now, so go to Option Samurai and use these features today.

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