See the Future of the Trade: The Scenario Engine

We are delighted to announce we are launching a unique scenario engine on our platform. The engine will allow you to see the profit and loss of the trade, assuming a shift in underlying price by expiration.

By adding a scenario – you can decide what will be the underlying shift and test it on the entire market to find the most profitable trades. You can also integrate it with all other features such as expected value, IV percentile (rank), corporate actions, and more. You can also save it for future use.

Because we know that different stocks have different characteristics, you can input your prediction in standardized measures such as ATR, standard deviation, distance from Moving Average, and more. Please read our Knowledgebase article for more.

Some of the use cases :

  • Find the best call to buy, assuming the stock will arrive at the analysts’ target price.
  • Find the best put to buy if NFLX will lose 10% due to earnings announcements.
  • What bull call spread to buy assuming price increase of 1 standard deviation.
  • Buy weekly options that will more than double in value if the stock moves one ATR.
  • Buy a Covered call that will still be profitable if the stock drops 10%.
  • Find Iron Condors that are profitable on both standard deviations up move and down moves.
  • And many more.

Read more about it in our Knowledgebase.

Scenario Engine example
Scenario Engine example



You can access the feature right now on our system so click the button and create an account.

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