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Option Samurai is an option screener designed for the individual investor. Utilizing various  popular strategies, our servers scan over 1.2 million different options for the best trades.

Option Samurai Screener
Option Samurai Screener

As all investors know, often the stocks that provide the highest return – also present the highest risk. This is why our screener cross checks dozens of data points for each stock, including: technical data, fundamental data, future dividends Ex-dates, future earning dates, implied volatility, ATR etc. We are much more than “Max return scanner” – We find the best trades.

Our option screener will help you save time by giving you a short list with the best trades that suit your trading style. We also provide you with all the data you need to make a decision, and remove excess data – data that will distract you from what is important.

All Scans new layout

We designed this tool with the individual investor in mind. The screener will display only the most relevant trades that fit your criteria. If you don’t have an idea at the moment, our predefined screeners will help you find trading ideas. (We also track them to make sure they still deliver an edge).

New Analyze tab
New Analyze tab

As Investors ourselves we understand the need of the individual investors and we are able to provide the best tools for them. For any question feel free to contact us.


You can try Option Samurai for free here:

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