New Month New Features

Earlier this month we released some new features and we want to take a minute and describe them. Stay tuned as more things coming next month!

Analyst Recommendation

This filter aggregates Wall St. analysts recommendations for every stock. The data is standardized between Strong buy (1) to Strong sell (5). Analysts recommendations often move the stock, so we’ve added it to our stock filters (under fundamental data filters). In addition you can use 3 filters that track the change of this indicator over time (week/month/6 months). These changes can indicate a new momentum in stocks and we’ve added a new predefined scan that capitalizes on it.  See more in our FAQ.


Tool tip

We added an explanation of the filters on the filter pane. It appears as a tool tip when hovering over the filters


Alphabetically order of predefined scans

Following many user request we changed the order of your saved scan. Now you can find them in the dashboard sorted by alphabetical order.


Save sorting order for saved scans

This feature is another request we got from users. When you build a custom scan (or edit a predefined one) you can sort the results before you save. We will then save that order and will present the order next time you click on the scan in your dashboard or edit mode.


Bid/Ask Level filter

Our bid/ask level filter refers to multi-legs strategies. By default when we calculate strategies profit or loss we use mid prices. This makes it sometimes hard to execute the trades in the market, especially if the bid-ask spread is wide.

This filter allows you to control what price we use for calculations: from conservative (use bid-ask against your) to best-case (use bid-ask in your favor).
User can select one of several predefined levels:

  1. Conservative (use bid-ask values)
  2. 25% price improvement
  3. mid
  4.  75% Price improvement
  5. Best-case (use bid-ask value for your favor)


New predefined scans

We added Three new predefined scans to help you find trade ideas in a single click and help you build scans that are better suit your style.

The predefined scans are:

  • Buy cheap Calls on Analyst Upgrades Last Month – This scans looks to buy calls on companies that have a buy rating or a strong buy rating from analysts AND analyst action is positive in the last month. We look to buy calls that the ATR is greater than the breakeven point on those stocks, but you can change the strategy to naked put or any other if market conditions will be better to those strategies
  • Continuous Covered Calls on dividend paying stocks – This scans looks for companies that will be suitable for selling covered calls in a continuous manner, meaning rolling the short call option at expiration and setting up a new position. The scan looks for companies with stable dividend yield of over 3% and covered call income that is greater than 1% a month
  • Covered Calls on Stocks that will be profitable (Market cap 1B+) – This scan looks to buy covered calls on companies that didn’t show profit in the previous year but analysts expect them to show profit next year. We also implement fundamental ratios filter to make sure the stock will not be too expensive with the new profit. We limit to companies with market cap of >$1B.

As always – Feel free to contact us if you have any question or idea, and stay tuned for the next features coming up.

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