New Feature: Probability/Delta Scanner

We added a new scanner – A delta scanner. This scan allows you to limit the results according to delta – The change of the option contract when the underlying changes $1. So for example: If a stock has a delta of 50% we can expect the option to change $0.5 for every change of $1 in the asset.

Options traders often refer to the delta as the probability of the options to expire in the money. This is not the ‘text-book’ definition but it is close enough for most traders and strategies.

How to scan for option probability:

Option Samurai - Delta/Probability scanner
Delta/Probability scanner

With the probability scanner you can find trades that have limited chance of expiring in the money but still provide good return, for example:

  • Naked puts with 12.5% annualized return with less than 10% of expiring in the money.
  • Covered calls with dividends and the call has less than 25% of expiring in the money.
  • And much more.


Try OptionSamurai for free:

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