New feature in Samurai! (Tags)

This week we released some new features in our scanner!


The features we’ve launched:

  1. New predefined scans with multi leg strategies – We now have dozens of scans for you to choose from. These predefined scans can help you find trades for any market environment: From iron condors to options for stock replacements. From hedging trades to dividend capture. Check out the complete list in our help section (and we are constantly adding more)
  2. In order to better understand each scan, we’ve added a description to all of them.           TheScanlookingFor
  3. And even better, we’ve added tags to all of scanners to help you find the best scan for every market environment. Tags


Check out all of these features and more:

Go to Option Samurai


P.S – We are constantly adding more predefined screens. If you have any theme or request you want us to add, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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