New Feature: ATR Scanners

We are very happy to announce that we have added an ATR scanner (Average True Range) to the app. The scanner seamlessly integrate with our present scanners and allows you to scan past stock volatility among other options characteristics.

The ATR scanner allows to scan by $ movement, % movement and compare the ATR to price or breakeven point for advanced scanning.

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For example: You can scan for stocks that the breakeven point is 3 times smaller than the ATR. This means it is very likely that a random stock move will lead to profit. The comparing of ATR to breakeven point allows you to see trades that the breakeven point is 1% from current price (If ATR is 3%) or trades where breakeven point is 0.33% (if ATR is 1%). The comparison of ATR to a variable is superior to comparison to a static number and allows you to find better trades.

We also added pre-defined screens based on ATR criteria to help you find trades fast, or help you start customizing the scan to fit your own needs. When comparing ATR in debit strategies (like buying put or calls) we look for ATR vs BE point – where we want the lowest value possible. And in income strategies (such as selling naked put) we look for ATR vs Strike and want the largest value (furthest) that still gives a satisfactory yield.


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