June 2021 version – Trade order form

Version Launch

June version just launched, and we are happy to announce that it includes a significant improvement to the platform. We’ve added an entirely new component to the platform that will allow you new capabilities that weren’t available before.

This version includes:

  • The trade form – Customize your trade and see a 360-degree analysis of the trade immediately.
  • Improvement to the scenario engine and the trade log column selectors
  • bug fixes

Trade Form

The trade form is a powerful new model that allows you to analyze and customize the trades you find in the scanner. It will enable you to change price, quantity, strikes, and expiration and see how it affects your trade immediately.  

Some example use-cases:

  1. Change legs on Iron Condor to see how it affects the Expected value and breakeven points.
  2. Customize diagonal spreads, changing strikes and expiration date to find a trade that better expresses your views
  3. See and analyze trades in-depth, seeing breakeven points, PL chart, and stats in one place.
  4. Change the quantity and price to see how it will affect your portfolio.
  5. After analyzing and customizing the trade, you can add it to the trade log and see how it develops over time.

Trade form structure: 

Trade order form
Trade order form


Trade form: Here, you can adjust the trade parameters: change the expiration date, strike, prices, and quantity. The analysis for your changes will be displayed below the form automatically.

Stats table: A table with the major statistics of the trade, such as maximum profit/loss, probabilities, expected value, and more.

Stock chart: You can see the last stock performance and the breakeven points of your trade.

P/L Chart: See the Profit and Loss profile of your trade right next to the stock chart.


Bug fixes and improvement to the scenario engine and trade log

We continued to improve the platform. For example, we’ve improved the column selector in the trade log, improved the calculation of the standard deviation in the scenario engine, and made many more improvements to the app. 

We are currently working on the trade function and plan to add many more features to it in future versions. Feel free to contact us with feedback and requests.

The version is live. Go to Option Samurai to use it now.

Go to Option Samurai

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