July 2020 Version is here!

July Launch

We are so happy to announce another version full of requested features. This version includes another strategy, unique calculations not found anywhere else, usability improvements, and more. We also plan another surprise for you later this month.

Value on Strike:

This is a unique feature not available anywhere else. In this feature, we ‘translate’ the current stock data to what they will be on different strike prices. For example, PE on strike will tell you what will be the stock PE ratio if the option is assigned on the strike price, and you are forced to buy on the price. This is useful because stocks have real values, so knowing how it changes on different strike prices will allow you to find trades better. For example, the Dividend yield on strike will enable you to find puts to sell where if they are assigned, you will gain a 5% div yield from the stock (and you can also do covered calls to have double the capital stream).

Read our knowledge base for more information, and we will add more use cases and blog posts on this topic in the coming weeks.

Long strangle: 

Long strangle
Long strangle

We’ve added another volatility strategy: Long strangle. It is a strategy that profits from an increase in volatility. You can use it to find stragles to buy on stocks where the IV rank is low, or IV is below the Realized volatility to help you find better trades.

Max profit for strategies:

We have added some data points for strategies such as covered calls and naked puts that allow you to filter and sort according to t max profit or max return on margin as well as return from premium alone.

Improved support platform:

To improve the support we give, we changed the support platform. It will allow us to provide you with more information, and you can expect to see more articles in the knowledge base to help you master the markets (also the platform, but markets are more important :-) ). We also added a new ‘update’ section where you can see what is new with the platform.

Bugs fixes:

We made some more fixes to some sorting and filters. 

We already started to QA the next version for this month. It will also be a unique feature and we believe it will be VERY powerful. Make sure to check again to see the announcement.
As always – feel free to contact us with any request or idea.

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