Dividend Capture Watchlist for 22-6-2015

The markets continue to be range-bound. They fail to create new highs, but as long as there is no immediate risk to the financial system and nowhere else to invest – it also can’t create new lows.

As you can see the SPY is range-bound.


This choppiness is good to our dividend capture strategy, but it hurts my protective puts. Even though, I rather hold them just in case and lose them than not to have them and be in need of them…  Here is the current market trend:

Market Sentiment
Market is still bullish with Low IV.

We still feel that the dividend capture strategy will pay off – If market will move up – we will earn premiums and dividends, and if the markets will go down – we hold them to longer-term and will have more cash to re-enter the market. Similarly to previous weeks,  I’ll be focusing on great companies (8 and above) that have dividends yield of more than 2% (using our new feature) .

As a reminder: I’m looking to open positions in good companies that distribute dividends in the next 5-30 days. I’m selling covered calls on those stocks so I will profit from the dividend and the option premium. You can follow us on Twitter,  where we often publish more trade ideas.

The dividend capture watch-list:

Dividend Capture Watchlist 22-06-2015
Dividend Capture Watchlist 22-06-2015


(13 Results. Charts are visible on site and not in email)

* I Really like CL, T, BMY, CSCO and PFE.

** I think WIN is worth a more in-depth look for the long-term. If they can pickup their business this could be a real good position

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