Dividend Capture Watchlist for 15-6-2015

Markets are not moving up but also are not moving down. This “choppiness” is still good to our position though the low implied volatility leads to less premium collected – I’m still mainly in covered calls and protective puts. Current market:


Market widget
Market is still bullish with low IV

We feel that the dividend capture strategy will continue to pay off – If market will move up or stay – we will earn premiums and dividends, and if the markets will go down – we hold them to relative short-term and will have more cash to re-enter the market (I’m also buying protective puts). Similarly to previous weeks,  I’ll be focusing on great companies (8 and above) that have dividends yield of more than 2% (using our new feature) .

As a reminder: I’m looking to open positions in good companies that distribute dividends in the next 5-30 days. I’m selling covered calls on those stocks so I will profit from the dividend and the option premium. You can follow us on Twitter,  where we often publish more trade ideas.

The dividend capture watch-list:

Dividend Capture Watchlist 15-6-2015
Dividend Capture Watchlist 15-6-2015


(5 Results. Charts are visible on site and not in email)

* I already own JPM (via warrants) so I am not looking at USB. I like GPS and GES.

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