Dividend Capture watchlist – 21-12-2015

It’s been few weeks since we’ve published our dividend capture watchlist. This is due to our visit to Citi’s trading floor in Wall Street, where we worked with Citi professionals to improve our product and better align it with the their needs. We have great plans coming in 2016, we will share them in coming posts.

This week we saw the SPY tumble to the $200 support. Although the market received the news of the interest rate increase positively, the market can’t create new highs – which is a negative sign. Selling calls and buying puts as hedges looks like a good tactic for the coming week, but I am still with positive delta, as I don’t think we are ahead of a bear market.

Before we continue, the market sentiment and the $SPY chart :

SPY is at support - $200
SPY is at support – $200
Market sentiment turned neutral-bearish
Market sentiment turned neutral-bearish

For our dividend capture strategy, we look for good companies with over 3% yield. The companies distribute dividends in the next 10-30 days.  You can follow us on Twitter,  where we often publish more trade ideas.

The dividend capture watch-list:

Dividend Capure watchlist for 21-12-2015
Dividend Capture watchlist for 21-12-2015


(8 Results. Charts are visible on site and not in email)



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