Dividend capture watch-list Feb. 2015

Everybody following us on Twitter knows that we have a dividend capture watch list. This list is updated constantly and contains stocks that distribute dividends before expiration. We like to use covered call (sometimes married put) strategies in order to gain the option premiums and the dividends. We usually monitor these stocks during the week and enter a position in stocks that we feel have a good risk\reward potential and stocks we don’t mind holding for longer term (though usually we don’t need).

This week the list is long, and we refined it further to show only stocks with high-grade and high implied volatility.

The dividend capture watch-list:

Dividends capture for Feb 2015
Dividends capture for Feb 2015



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We have a dividend capture scanner that you can try and then customize to fit your needs (you can try in the free demo):

Dividend Capture - Option Samurai
Dividend Capture – With Option Samurai

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