Be an Option Samurai

This page aggregates links and articles that discuss important concepts for options traders. We maintain an active and comprehensive knowledge base on a dedicated software that integrates with our platform and has a chat and more features. Please check it out here: Samurai knowledge base.

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Getting Started Quick Guide

  1. Option Samurai Overview
  2. Predefined Overview
  3. Details page
  4. Universes (Custom stock lists)
  5. Setting up your first scan
  6. What strategies we support
  7. The getting started section on our Knowledge base.

Unique Features

  1. Implied Volatility suite 
  2. Scenarios for the entire market
  3. Stock score
  4. Technical analysis engine
  5. Value on Strike 
  6. Unusual options volume
  7. Expected value
  8. Analyst Recommendation and target price
  9. Unique Features section on the knowledge base

Sharpen your Skills

  1. Implied Volatility Rank – The most important element [Education] – Read more here
  2. Be more successful when buying options [Education] – Read more here
  3. The edge of selling options [Education] – Read more here
  4. Profiting from dividends with options [Education] – Read more here
  5. How to profit when trading earnings announcements [Education] – Read more here

Concepts for Options Trading

  1. When to exercise options early – Read more here
  2. Reduce Cost Basis – Read more here
  3. Optimal Iron Condor – Read more here
  4. Creating an optimum vertical spread – Read more here
  5. Legging into your trade positions – Read more here
  6. Scaling into your trades – Read more here
  7. The edge of mean-reverting trades – Read more here
  8. Changing the options structure in predefined scans – Read more here
  9. Trading Unusual options activity – Read more here
  10. Picking the perfect Covered Calls – Read more here
  11. All posts with ‘tutorial’ tag – Read more here

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