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Trade, Analyse, Research
Analysis popup
Chart popup

Research, Analyse and Trade

Option Samurai is designed to help you find trade ideas quickly. After using our predefined scanners to find ideas quickly, we display …

Expand results
Trade or analyse the resutls

New Feature: Expand results

Every time you scan on Option Samurai we scan through 10 data sources and more than 1 million options to find the …

Trade Highlights - Option Samurai

Trade Highlights feature

The “trade highlights” feature is designed to give you an overview of the most important data for the selected trade. This is …

Early Option Exercise - Example 1
Early Option Exercise - Example 2

When to exercise call options early

We often use strategies that involve call options around dividend ex-date. Often times we sell calls and they might get exercised (for example …

OptionSamurai - Scan from List

Scan from Lists

Several users have requested to be able to scan from a custom list of stocks. Instead of creating another scanner, we made …

predefined screens

How to use Pre-Defined Screens

One of our coolest features is the pre-defined screen. Every strategy has several pre-defined screens to help you start using the app as …